“If you are serious about your writing and willing to learn, Fatima will be the perfect editor for you. With her, your writing will be what you produce on your best day and in your finest style.
On a tactical front, she will go through your work with a fine toothed comb and correct anything that is wrong or which doesn’t drive the narrative. This includes putting a line through any ‘particularly fine phrases’ you have come up with. She identifies anything that does not ring true and offers incisive advice with surgical precision. She is also amazingly well read and an authority on many subjects.
More broadly, she has a brilliant grasp of structure too – and will offer profound insights into the way the whole piece hangs together.” — Gerard O’Keeffe

“Fatima is an excellent editor: absolutely reliable for technical accuracy, and both perceptive and creative in her commentary.” — Annabel Smith

“Fatima transformed my manuscript. She immediately identified the aspects that didn’t work and helped me come up with workable solutions. She works collaboratively and throughout the editing process I felt supported at every step and buoyed by Fatima’s enthusiasm and dedication to my project. I’m now ready to send out a final draft that I am proud of and have real confidence in.” — Lisa Williamson